AT&T’s LG C900 Windows Phone 7 handset to be dubbed “Pacific”?

Seen last week in a handful of live photos, the WP7-based LG C900 will definitely not be launched under this name by AT&T.

Boy Genius Report has it that the QWERTY smartphone may be officially called “LG Pacific” (nothing to do with Samsung’s Wave series, of course).

The name “LG Pacific” was mentioned by a Microsoft official in an interview earlier this year, so this could indeed be the handset’s final moniker. We’ll see if this is true or not when AT&T announces the device.

The C900 has just been approved by the FCC, and some sources say (based on info found at the Bluetooth SIG) that it could be launched around September 28. I wouldn’t bet on that, though, since the SIG is often wrong when it comes to launch dates.

Apart form the LG C900 Pacific, other three Windows Phone 7 devices are bound to hit AT&T soon: LG GW910, Samsung Cetus i917, and HTC T8788. It’s not clear if all of them will be available this year, but some of them are certainly coming this holiday season – otherwise, AT&T couldn’t be the “premier Windows Phone 7 carrier” in the US.

Author: Florin

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