Motorola Charm is now available on T-Mobile for free or $75, depending on where you buy it

The Motorola Charm was announced for T-Mobile almost two months ago.

Since then, a few things have happened. It was apparently delayed, then slated for an August 25th release (which, as it turns out, was true). There was also some info on pricing, but thankfully that $189.99 price tag turned out not to be true. And, just one week ago, Telus launched it in Canada before T-Mobile did in the US.

But the day when you can get a Motorola Charm on T-Mobile has finally arrived. If you choose to buy direct from TMo, the Charm will set you back $75 (after a $75 mail-in rebate) with a new contract.

However, you can currently get it from Wirefly for free with a $59.99 per month contract. Strangely though, if you already have a T-Mobile contract, Wirefly will sell you the Charm for $50, and you’ll still have to renew your service agreement.

If you wish to buy the phone unsubsidized (without any contract involved), it will cost you $270 from T-Mobile and $330 from Wirefly.

So if you’ve been anxiously waiting for this rather interesting square-ish candybar touchscreen QWERTY Android-powered handset to become available in the US, now is the time to go grab it.

Via T-Mobile and Android Police

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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