Nokia C7 with Symbian^3 previewed by MR (yes, the unannounced C7)

It’s happening again: Mobile-review has managed to get their hands on an unannounced Nokia smartphone (the C7, in this case) – and thus a preview of it has appeared on the Russian website.

The last time they’ve done this it was with the Nokia N8; and there was quite a scandal back then, with Nokia asking Russian police to “recover” their N8 from Eldar Murtazin.

Things will probably won’t go that far now, because the C7 is not that important to Nokia.

The C7 is the Finnish company’s second Symbian^3 smartphone. As MR points out in its preview, it’s not that different from the Nokia N8. The main differences (apart from the design-related ones) are that the C7 lacks an HDMI port, has an 8MP camera instead of a 12MP one, and comes with only 8GB of on-board memory.

Nokia should launch the C7 in October-November. It’s said that the handset’s retail price will be around €350 – about €100 less than the real price of the N8.

Interestingly, Eldar Murtazin says that there’s also a Nokia C7-01, which should be launched in early 2011, featuring a QWERTY keyboard. He’s also re-mentioned the Nokia E7 – this could become the company’s third Symbian^3 smartphone.

You can check out the full Nokia C7 preview (lots of photos included) here at Mobile-review – the final conclusion is that the C7 is “the best value for money on Symbian S^3″, but, despite this, it “will not attract new customers, but Nokia fans will choose it quite consciously.”

Since it has officially unveiled the N8 only a few days after Eldar previewed it, Nokia may also  announce the C7 really soon (probably sooner than the MeeGo-based N9, anyway).

Author: Florin

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  • Buhlasd

    Eldar is a Bias-Sammy loving Ruskie working for the KGB and hates everything made in Finland because of his mother country’s humiliating defeat to the Finns during WW2. Never take his opinion too seriously.