Samsung Captivate only $0.01 at Amazon. Samsung Vibrant now $69

Samsung Captivate and Samsung Vibrant – the two Galaxy S Android smartphones that AT&T and T-Mobile, respectively, have recently launched in the US – now have special prices at Amazon.

With a new 2-yr contract agreement, the AT&T Captivate is only $0.01, while the T-Mobile Vibrant can be yours for $69.99 (not long ago, the Vibrant was only $0.01, too – it’s probably selling too well for Amazon to offer it for free).

At the moment I’m writing this, the Captivate and the Vibrant cost $199.99 each at AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s websites, so Amazon’s offering is more than tempting if you plan to get any of the two handsets.

If you’re wondering about Verizon’s Galaxy S (the Fascinate) – the carrier has still not announced when it will be launched. Oh well, it’s not like you don’t have other options to choose from.

Get Samsung Captivate Android Phone (AT&T) for FREE from Amazon

Samsung Vibrant Android Phone (T-Mobile) now $69 on contract at Amazon

Author: Florin

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