T-Mobile G2 Froyo build leaked, no Sense in sight

By now, it’s pretty clear that the T-Mobile G2, the official successor to the G1, is the smartphone codenamed HTC Vision. The same phone that may be sold outside the US as the HTC Desire Z.

T-Mobile have acknowledged its existence, but there still is no word of an official unveiling.

Regardless, over the past few weeks we found out pretty much all there is to know about this handset save for a price and release date.

And today it looks like an Android 2.2 Froyo test build for the G2 has been leaked. What you see below is a spreadsheet contained within the ZIP archive that hosts the firmware.

Eager tinkerers have poked inside and found absolutely no trace of HTC’s Sense UI, a layer on top of Android that is almost a given with every new HTC handset. Not in this case, as it seems like the G2 will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and provide a vanilla Android experience.

All that’s left is for T-Mobile to finally announce it. And that will certainly happen soon.

Via AndroidGuys

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • JimboLeary

    Hmmm…. makes me think that the Wal-Mart site pic that has been floating around the internet is a hoax.

  • Cdcolo

    If T-Mobile comes out with an HTC Andriod phone that doesn’t have HTC Sense, it doesn’t make sense! T-Mobile must get in the gam!. They’ve screwed around with Windows Mobile which is not keeping up and then Sprint beats everyone with the Evo. I own an Apple 3G (on T-Mobile) and I refuse to wait any longer for Apple to unlease their ties to AT&T which, will drive me towards Andriod and Verizon or Sprint for all of my 12 T-Mobile lines.