Over 1 million calls placed from Gmail already

About 24 hours ago, Google launched a new feature in Gmail’s chat system that lets you call phone numbers from within Gmail, as we reported yesterday.

This only works if you’re in the US. And it lets you call numbers in the US and Canada for free until at least the end of this year. You can also call any other international destination for decent rates.

And it turns out that people love free. As in, they love placing free calls. Google have announced that more than a million calls have been made from Gmail in 24 hours, and, even if they didn’t get into details, I can only assume that most of those were to the US and Canada.

Now that doesn’t mean a million people have used this service, or even that a million minutes were used, but it still is an impressive number. Even more so when you consider that the feature was supposed to be rolled out in stages, so for many hours after the announcement, some US Gmail users probably didn’t even have it activated.

Of course, this may all have happened because the service is new. Once that wears off, people might start to use it less, but this is a good start nevertheless.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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