Verizon Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) could be available on September 9th

It seems very likely at this point that Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate will be the last to market of all the different Galaxy S versions Samsung has created for the big four carriers in the US.

Its official release date was always surrounded by uncertainty, but that’s starting to go away little by little.

The leak today indicates that Verizon may have started stocking Samsung Fascinate smartphones in their distribution warehouses, possibly preparing for an early September launch.

As you can see from the above screenshot of an internal Verizon system, the SCH-I500, a.k.a. the Fascinate, is prominently featured.

It also appears that the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards will be sponsored by the “Samsung Fascinate, a Galaxy S phone” courtesy of Verizon Wireless. In which case, having public availability of the phone start on or before September 12th (when the award ceremony in question will take place) makes sense, as who’d go all in to advertise a device that doesn’t even have a release date set?

It looks like you only have a few more weeks to wait if you’d like your Galaxy S on Verizon.

Via Phandroid and BGR

UPDATE: The screenshot you see below has leaked. As this is (yet again) taken from Verizon systems, it looks like September 9th may be the official release date for the Samsung Fascinate.

Keep in mind that this screen has to do with phones provided to Verizon employees, so there is a slim chance that the Fascinate will only “launch” on September 9th for them.

Although in light of the MTV tie-in detailed a couple of paragraphs above, a start of general availability of the smartphone on that date makes just a bit more sense.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Eclipsenyou

    Awesome news!!

  • Buhlasd

    Samsung Galaxy S, PLEASE JUST DIE ALREADY! Sick to the stomach of reading about this BS, this is not news, this is just one rehash after the other. Really hope Samsung fail in 2011, they’ll release Galaxy S part 20.