Nokia C6-01 to run Symbian^3?

First appeared in July, the unannounced Nokia C6-01 may have more new stuff to offer than we initially thought.

We already know that the C6-01 has an 8MP camera with dual LED flash (instead of a 5MP camera with single LED flash, like the C6). Another thing that seems to be changed in the new phone is the OS. While the C6 runs Symbian^1, the C6-01 may run Symbian^3.

A Bulgarian online retailer posted some photos of the C6-01, clearly showing it to be based on Symbian^3. Not long after that, the photos were changed with images of the old C6 (with Symbian^1), which can be seen here.

Mobile Bulgaria has managed to save the photos showing the C6-01:

Of course, for now we can’t be sure of the fact that the C6-01 will come with Symbian^3, so let’s wait for some official info to show up. Maybe Nokia World (14 – 15 September) is the place where the smartphone will be announced – the Nokia C7 could be unveiled there, too.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    Looks VERY nice, hopefully there’ll be a CWM version for around 300-350 GBP