LG’s Android tablet will be called Optimus Pad

At Dealer Days 2010 in Brussels, LG sort-of announced its upcoming tablet. As we already found out some time ago, this will be running Android.

It now has a name too. It will be called the LG Optimus Pad.

So at this point it seems pretty clear that LG chose the Optimus brand to represent its Android-powered offerings, like Samsung has done with the Galaxy brand. Now it remains to be seen if LG will choose to expand this brand to include Windows Phone 7 devices as well, but for now, it’s all Android in Optimus land.

Unfortunately, LG only seem to have reiterated that they’re working on the tablet, and no actual specs have been announced. Do, however, expect it to be thinner and lighter than its competitors (which as of now can only be Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab due to be officially unveiled in two days), and come with many firsts for the tablet space. Whatever those are, we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, being thinner and lighter than the competition is always good, that is, unless they chose to sacrifice battery life in doing so. That would be bad, since one of the best features of Apple’s iPad is its amazing battery life. Let’s hope LG have got it right and managed to somehow make the Optimus Pad outlast the iPad while designing a thinner and lighter chassis.

Whether that’s the case or not, we’ll know soon enough.

Via NetbookNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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