Apple officially unveils iOS 4.1, gives sneak peek at iOS 4.2

Today during a press event, among other things, Steve Jobs announced that iOS 4.1 will be officially out next week. This, as its name suggests, is a minor release, and is meant only for devices that are already able to run iOS 4.

The most important bugfixes that iOS 4.1 brings relate to the Bluetooth functionality and the misbehaving proximity sensor. The severe lags that owners of iPhone 3G experienced with iOS 4 are also, thankfully, gone.

Alongside the bugfixes, there are a handful of new features in the newest iteration of iOS. The first is support for High Dynamic Range photography. This setting makes the phone take three shots at different exposure levels, then superimposing them all on top of each other, to create a vibrant end result. This will surely make photography fans happy.

You can also upload HD video over WiFi with iOS 4.1, and rent TV shows.

But perhaps the most important feature of all is the new Game Center. We’ve heard about this before, but now more details are public. It’s all about playing multiplayer games, in real time. Other people can ‘challenge’ you to play games in multiplayer mode, there’s a system that keeps track of your scores, and if you don’t have an opponent to play against, Apple’s servers will auto-match you with someone.

Steve Jobs also gave the world a sneak peek at iOS 4.2, which will be released in November. This is the version that will get the iPad on par, OS-wise, with the iPhones and iPod Touches.

So as well as folders and multitasking, there will be wireless printing and wireless streaming of media inside your home network. Music, photo and video streaming over WiFi will be possible, as will controlling an Apple TV with your iDevice.

Image via Mobiputing

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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