Samsung to launch new Galaxy S smartphone on September 16?

Samsung is getting ready to announce a new “Android-powered device” on September 16 in New York.

The invitation that Samsung sent for the event suggests this will be a new Galaxy S device, so it’s probably not the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as PocketNow believes – as far as I know, the Galaxy Tab won’t be a member of the Galaxy S family; even more, we already know the tablet will be announced tomorrow at IFA Berlin.

So I think we’ll see a new Galaxy S smartphone unveiled – of course, I may be wrong.

Samsung will also officially present its Media Hub platform on September 16 (Media Hub is an online movie/video store designed for Samsung’s smartphones).

Samsung sold more than 1 million Galaxy S handsets until now in the US. With the recent launch of the Sprint Epic 4G and the upcoming availability of Verizon’s Fascinate, sales figures might double soon.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna guess its the Galaxy S Pro ( The GSM equivalent to Sprint’s Epic 4G)

    I’m always right. 🙂