Sony Ericsson wants to be world’s No.1 Android vendor

Sony Ericsson has a dream. They’ve probably been looking long and hard at Motorola’s Android-fueled rebirth, and thought they’d be next.

And now they’re starting to talk big. They want to be the world’s No.1 vendor of Android-powered handsets. Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg just said that at a briefing in Beijing today.

There’s no specific timeframe for this to happen. He also said that Sony Ericsson currently have 17% of the Android market, compared to 23% for today’s largest supplier.

He didn’t name that company. Though his statement was made in such a way that may imply that Sony Ericsson are currently the second largest Android device manufacturer, which I’m willing to bet isn’t true.

See, the top spot company (HTC?) may have 23% and SE 17%, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be other companies in between. If HTC is No.1, then it would make sense for Motorola to be No.2 right now. Samsung could be No.3, or even if they’re below Sony Ericsson right now, these numbers probably don’t take into account the great sales the Galaxy S range has had worldwide. And LG also have some lofty goals of their own.

And unlike Sony Ericsson, its main competitors haven’t released phones running Android 1.6 in a long while. So perhaps that should be Sony Ericsson’s main concern right now, and not dreaming about ruling the Android world. Because they certainly won’t do that by continuing to release devices running ancient versions of the OS.

Via BusinessWeek

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Kilede

    once refused android, now want to be NO.1, that funny, can’t wait to see how will it do