Samsung not interested in Symbian at the moment, focuses on Android and Bada

While officially announcing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet, Samsung has also unveiled some details on its future smartphone-related plans.

The South Korean company told Reuters that Android and Bada will be its key software platforms – which was already obvious, given the number of Android and Bada handsets introduced lately.

Samsung also says “a smartphone” with Windows Phone 7 will be launched this year, and that likely means only one model (probably the Samsung Cetus).

As for Symbian, Samsung has no devices based on it planned at the moment, because it doesn’t see “visible demand” for the platform – this could, and probably does mean that we won’t se any Symbian^3 smartphones from Samsung, ever.

Of course, Samsung is still a board member of the Symbian Foundation, so it may be interested in making Symbian^4 devices in the future. That’s if it won’t ditch Symbian altogether, as we’ve previously heard.

In related news, Symbian is reportedly losing market share in China, where it used to control about 70-80% of the market. To blame are, unsurprisingly, Android, Apple, and RIM’s BlackBerry.

DigiTimes says Symbian “has fallen to about 50-60%”. Android currently has 10% of the Chinese smartphone market, while Apple and RIM control more than 5% each.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    Not surprised about not wanting Symbian at the moment. Samsung is finally getting to the size when they have a chance of ‘sticking it to the man’ and going their own way. Since nokia is now their main competition, they will have to try and differentiate themselves.
    That is the only legitimate reason I can think of for the existense of Bada OS. Samsung will give it a shot and if it doesn’t work out then they have three different open sources OSs to choose from.