T-Mobile MyTouch HD launches on November 3d?

Aside from the G2, T-Mobile has another high end Android smartphone that it needs to launch in the near future. This is the MyTouch HD. And just like the G2, which is TMo’s version of the HTC Vision/Desire Z, this will be their version of the Desire HD.

So if you want some high end Android action on TMo, but don’t need the QWERTY keyboard, the MyTouch HD may just be for you.

It looks like the famed “Project Emerald” was nothing more than a codename for this device, as rumor has it that the MyTouch HD’s codename is Emerald. We’ve had a leak touting a November 5th release for the HTC Emerald, and today another source claims it will be November 3rd.

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that the MyTouch HD will launch sometime in early November. Granted, there’s still quite a bit of waiting to do if you’re interested in this handset, but at least we’re beginning to find out more and more details about it as the days go by. We still don’t have a price, but that will probably be in line with all the other high end devices in the US at about $200, unless TMo want to surprise everyone and go lower.

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • http://twitter.com/miniZtv Zach Searcy

    Ew.. I was hoping Project Emerald would not be a cheap plastic looking piece. I want an actual high-end Android t-mo. Guess I will swap to Verizon when my contract expires. MyTouch HD = Espresso overlay. Yuck. I would like a stock Android releasing with 3.0 and a dual processor as rumored. Please, T-Mo. Quit being lame.