Verizon Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) arrives in stores

Tired of all the leaks surrounding the Samsung Fascinate, Verizon’s Galaxy S? Hang in there just a bit longer. The phone is currently on pre-order at Best Buy, and it was rumored to launch on September 9th.

That seems very plausible, as today a Verizon insider leaked the information that Verizon stores are beginning to receive Fascinate launch kits, in anticipation of the official release.

Verizon are also training staff, pumping them full of Fascinate-related information so they’ll be ready to serve you, the customer, when you decide to pop into a store and get some high end Android love.

All in all, everything is reportedly on track for that early September/September 9th rumored release, so it looks like next Thursday will be Fascinate day. And then we’ll finally have all the Galaxy S versions for the big four US carriers out in the wild for everyone to buy.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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