Samsung Galaxy Tab rooted, priced, may be headed to Sprint in the US

As you probably know by now, the Samsung Galaxy Tab was only officially unveiled yesterday. And very important details such as pricing and exact release dates were left out of that announcement. We know it’s supposed to come “to Europe” (whatever that means) in mid-September, and that’s about it.

In the mean time, mobile operator O2 Germany tweeted that they will be carrying the Galaxy Tab, and it will cost €99 upfront with a €27.5/month contract. They will have it in stock in October (although last time I checked Germany was still in Europe, dear Samsung). Anyway, that is a sweet price if you ask me. And it’s sure to attract a lot of buyers.

However, there’s some other info about the Galaxy Tab’s unsubsidized pricing floating around, and that paints a much worse picture. Several European online retailers have started to include the tablet into their sites, and have priced it (unlocked and unsubsidized) at €699 for the 16 GB version and €799 for the 32 GB version.

That’s just mind-blowingly insane. Although one has to keep in mind the fact that these numbers are not official yet. And it also helps to remember European retailers’ passion for charging absurd prices for electronics while they’re still in the pre-order phase. So perhaps these prices are very far off compared to what Samsung has planned. Let’s hope so. Because otherwise, the Galaxy Tab will turn into a niche device for which only uber geeks would fork so much cash to get (except for markets in which it will be subsidized, naturally).

A Samsung executive has apparently weighed in on this and said that the Galaxy Tab is in fact supposed to cost about $200-$300. While other company officials mentioned £200 as a possible price. What to make of all this? Well, I’m quite sure the prices these executives spoke about are subsidized. And the price in dollars is clearly meant for the US market, where as a general rule electronics are cheaper than in Europe (because of VAT and marketing strategies). So, you’ll probably get it from a US carrier for around $200-$300 with a new contract, while in the UK you’ll probably pony up £200, also on contract.

That doesn’t mean that your operator won’t decide to be more aggresive and subsidize it even more, and thus offer it cheaper upfront (see what O2 Germany are doing). Anyway, it’s good to know that those absurd prices mentioned two paragraphs before look like they are just that – a money grab from some retailers.

It also looks like Samsung’s first Android tablet will be headed to Sprint in the US. There are no more details on this, just a rumor at this point.

And last in today’s Galaxy Tab news round-up, but definitely not least, someone has managed to gain root access on the Tab. Yes, just one day since this thing was officially announced, it has been rooted. I wonder how long it will take for custom ROMs to appear. At this rate, we may have some by next week.

So rest assured, would-be tinkerers and future Galaxy Tab owners, you’ll be able to root yours as soon as you manage to get your hands on one.

Via MobileBurn, CrunchGear, DailyMail, BGR and Sera-Apps (via jkkmobile)

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Cnico

    what is the source for the “coming to Sprint” rumor pls?

    reliable, unreliable… someone just standing around speculating?


  • Owen Wilson

    bigger than iPhone, more portable than iPad…
    good bet.