Sprint Samsung Epic 4G fails to break HTC EVO 4G’s first day sales record

Sprint may have opened their stores early for the launch of the Samsung Epic 4G, but that didn’t help it break the HTC Evo 4G’s first day sales record.

Sprint have a press release out claiming that the Epic 4G had “One of the Best First-Day Sales for Any Sprint Device”. As in, not the best.

Admittedly, it would have been tough to beat the Evo, which was Sprint’s first WiMax-capable device, marketed as “4G”. The appeal of that branding clearly helped the Evo become Sprint’s best performer of all time in the first day of sales. The differences between its features and those of any other smartphone on Sprint were also, at the time, so mind-boggling that they clearly helped people wanting a high end device on Sprint instantly choose the Evo 4G.

The Samsung Epic 4G, while being only the second “4G” handset, is, however, the first one with a QWERTY keyboard, but perhaps this isn’t as appealing as the Evo’s gigantic screen was back when it launched.

Or maybe this all happened (or didn’t happen) thanks to Sprint’s pricing of the Epic 4G. Many of our readers may have chosen to buy it from Amazon for $199.99, but I bet that most of the Sprint customers who went for Samsung’s newest bought it direct from Sprint. For $249.99. With a 2-year contract. And while almost everyone knew to get it from Sprint, and also knew the price that was asked, probably only a small fraction of interested people knew about Amazon’s offer and decided that paying a $50 premium compared to any other high end smartphone in the US just wasn’t worth it.

Anyway, the sales of the Epic 4G in the first day weren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. Sprint have stressed as much in their press release. It’s just that the HTC Evo 4G’s record still stands.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • http://twitter.com/roy15840 royland walker

    it might not have the sales record,but it is the better device. i looked at them side by side,and the evo screen looks washed out. other than that they have most of the same features. oh yea the epic gives you the option of a nice keyboard.