Verizon Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) gets priced, extended battery, TV ad

Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate is now officially the last to launch of the Galaxy S versions tailor-made for the big four carriers in the US. And while a release date or price still haven’t been discussed by Big Red, there have been countless leaks involving details about this handset.

After these, the date that the Fascinate will be available seems to be September 9th. On the pricing front, little was known prior to today, yet everyone expected it to be $199.99 with a 2-year service agreement, which is the now-standard price for high-end smartphones in the US.

And today’s leak of a Verizon system screen confirms that. But it does add in an intriguing factor: apparently, the Fascinate will be available on a Buy-One-Get-One/Buy-One-Get-All scheme. This essentially should mean that you’d be able to buy one Fascinate and get another (or your choice of other device) for free. Of course, you’d still have to activate two new 2-year contracts. Still, a very good deal especially if it will be available right from the beginning.

Also notice that that September 9th release date has been confirmed yet again.

Verizon will also be making available a wide range of accessories for their Galaxy S, the most notable of which is a 2200 mAh extended battery. This will probably require a different battery cover as well, and will make your device thicker, but hey, with such capacity, your Fascinate may even last you two full days no matter what kind of usage you throw at it. Which may just be unprecedented in the Android world.

Another sign that the release is very near is the fact that Samsung have posted a TV ad for the Fascinate on their YouTube channel. Here it is:

You’ll probably see this one a lot in the next few weeks if you live in the US. And, if all the leaks have been truthful, you’ll also see the Fascinate in stores, available to buy, next week.

Via Android Central and DailyMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Bo Sills

    Just to confirm Vlad’s suspicions…I visited a local Verizon store this afternoon to make an account change. While comparing the Droid iterations, the salesperson brought out the Fascinate (aka Galaxy S) and gave me a demo. It is indeed $199.99 (2-year contract) and will be available on Sept 9. She did NOT mention a Buy-One-Get-All option, but I’ll be sure to ask about it.