Nokia will officially unveil the E7 next week during Nokia World

September is for Nokia what June is for Apple. The month when their most important event takes place. In Nokia’s case, this is Nokia World, and it will happen next week, on September 14th and 15th in London.

It is there that Nokia’s CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo will have a keynote speech on the morning of the first day, and that is when new smartphones are expected to be announced. And speculation has started as to which devices will be officially unveiled.

Two sources claim that the Nokia E7 will be introduced on September 14th. This phone will reportedly come with a big touchscreen and a full keyboard, and will run Symbian^3.

This may be the device in question:

And this could be the exact same smartphone:

See, we’ve had rumors about the E7 for a very long time now. And even though that second picture was supposedly picturing the N9 (so its source thought), that’s clearly not true, since we’ve seen the N9 in the mean time. There was also some speculation that it could be a variant of the N8, possibly named N8-01 or something like that.

I think the two pictures above show the same device (just different color schemes), and this is the E7. Which will be the Eseries flagship for the remainder of this year and probably quite a bit of 2011. Its keyboard looks very usable, and if that rumored 4″ touchscreen turns out to be real, this will be one solid device. Previous rumors had its battery at 1200 mAh, as the N8’s, and it could also be not easily removable by the end user.

Either way, we’ll know for sure next week. When the N9, the first MeeGo-powered smartphone, may also be announced. As for shipping dates for both of these phones, given Nokia’s recent track record (the N8 was announced in April and will only ship by the end of this month), I wouldn’t expect them any time soon.

Anyway, the E7 looks like an interesting device, no matter how much you hate Nokia right now. And, being Eseries, this may sell well to enterprise customers, but consumers may very well enjoy its hybrid form factor too.

Via Reuters

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Nnn

    It looks so cheap, like hole nokia thing. I hate them… They suck now…

  • Jim

    I think this device looks quite solid. Pretty much what I’ve been waiting for from Nokia…

  • Guest

    That’s an incredibly childish and petulant comment; the device is actually *very good-looking* to my eyes and will be an absolutely fantastic replacement for the E75. It will include all the N8 features except the 12-Megapixel camera (downgraded to 8 MP to fit in the ultraslim QWERT bodyshell)
    plus enterprise features re security, enhanced email and policy choices that will mean it’s an absolute killer device for businesses!
    The screen is 4-inches while the keyboard is only lacking a dedicated number-row (just like the e75 before it). This is practically an e90 replacement with improved OS, memory, touchscreen – of admittedly smaller resolution- and enhanced graphics acceleration, to say nothing of the entertainment oriented features like USB OnTheGo and HDMI-out!
    Even though this is not an actual flagship (indeed there is still an as -yet unannounced E9 to expect PLUS the MeeGo-powered N9), it should kick the Androids and iPhones hard once developers get behind Qt