Verizon Motorola Droid 2 gets custom ROM, Droid X Froyo upgrade delayed

Now don’t get your hopes up too high. That pesky Motorola Droid 2 bootloader is still untouchable, but one resourceful developer has released a custom ROM nevertheless.

As with previously seen news about a custom ROM for the Droid X, this may not exactly meet the purists’ definition of a custom ROM. Because of that bootloader being guarded by Motorola like it’s a national treasure or something, this ROM doesn’t have a custom kernel.

It does, however, remove the Verizon/Motorola bloatware from the Droid 2, comes with a bundle of scripts, and is fully deodexed (which paves the way for installing custom themes on your Droid 2).

You need to have a rooted Droid 2 to apply this, and you also need a specific recovery flashed. Full instructions are here. And keep in mind that if something goes wrong, the developer of this ROM is not to blame.

In other Droid-related news, the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Motorola Droid X has apparently been delayed by about 2-3 weeks. Bad news, this. The culprit seems to be a bug in Exchange that causes wiping of security policies when upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2. While this may be of no interest to you (if you don’t use Exchange), it’s a pretty big problem to have in the enterprise space (if your business depends on Exchange).

So, logically, Verizon has sent the update back to Motorola for fixing. Let’s hope they work hard and fast and surprise everyone by having it ready sooner than the 2-3 weeks anticipated.

Either way, if you have a Droid X, you’ll be waiting some more for those Froyo bits to hit your device.

Via Droid-Life

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • drew

    Wonderful, so a single error on the Update is causing a delay for 1% of the users is causing a delay for 100% of the customers.

    Why not release the update with a warning. I’m going to install the leaked version verizion lost my trust on this issue with a lack of communication and trust.

  • Steve_lindberg

    You would have thought such a huge company like motorola, would have figure “hey droid x is going to a success, even if if we our going to have the 2.1 os installed that would had 2.2 pretty much completed by the time it came out” You would think. Its not like they don’t have hundreds of staff that works for them.

  • Darkwood

    I guess that was the orig plan…end of September?

  • Ed G

    The problem with Exchange support is that if you have it, you’re paying $20/mo extra, so it better darn well work correctly. Besides, it’s not possible to choose to install it or not, after the opt-out period is over it gets pushed to your device, and there is no ability to roll back AFAIK.

  • Curkus86

    Rooted and upgraded along time ago why wait for something that’s just gonna get pushed around with bs plus even if you never can do an official ota update if you can load the leaked version why would I not be able to do the next one?

  • Ben

    I love my DX. Ticked that the best phone in the line is tapped as the last to receive the update. Wasn’t Verizon’s whole platform the promise to deliver a smartphone that had Adobe Flash 10.1 on it? Hate the fact that I can’t remove the bloatware (Perhaps we’ll be able to get rid of that infernal app once Blockbuster has liquidated.)

  • Dianaw

    I dont get it, the Droid 2 has froyo and is pretty much the same as the X, yet the X has issues??? Sounds like a bad rumor or someone trying to make an up roar!!!! I agree, they should release it with a “warning” if this is a real issue!!! As many ppl who have updated the leaked version I have YET to hear about this supposed exchange issue!