No MeeGo Nokia N9 at Nokia World?

Just yesterday, while writing about the rumored unveiling of the Nokia E7 next week at Nokia World, I also mentioned that I expect to see the N9 officially announced there as well. It was logical. Nokia have said in the past that they are going to introduce their first MeeGo-powered smartphone during 2010, and judging by Nokia’s past track record of time passed between announcement and release, it fit.

If you’re wondering why the N9 may be important, it’s because this will be the first ever smartphone to run MeeGo, the new operating system for smartphones, tablets and embedded devices created by merging two Linux-based operating systems, Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin. The N9 will also be the flagship device in Nokia’s portfolio for at least the next few months, and as such, its hardware specs are expected to be impressing, to say the least.

It’s also the (umpteenth) Nokia phone that many bloggers will quickly (or perhaps desperately) label an iDevice killer or an Android killer, or both, so hey, there’s that too.

Anyway, it looks like it may not be introduced during Nokia World after all. Sources within Nokia told Swedish mobile news site that the Nokia N9 is delayed. Which means that Nokia may have originally planned to announce it next week, but for one reason or the other, decided not to. Sadly, this may also mean that its release may be facing delays, which is never good news. I didn’t expect the N9 to be available in anything more than “limited quantities in select countries” until at least December, so let’s just hope this doesn’t indicate a further delay from that.

A Nokia representative, responding to this story, told that while Nokia did say that they will present a new phone with MeeGo on board in 2010, they never said when exactly that will happen. In other words, “what delay?”. And if you look at it this way, they’re right. However, I’m sure that some kind of target date was set internally. And that appears to have been Nokia World, as expected.

It’s now certainly possible that the unveiling of the N9 will happen during the MeeGo Conference, that is to take place in Dublin between November 15th and 17th. Perhaps Nokia just want to please the crowd that will gather there. We’ll see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Em

    Maybe one of the reason is that Nokia doesn’t want to kill the symbian^3 devices launch (N8,E7..) with announcement about the next flagship device…

    Anyway MeeGo handset initial release is planned for october since the beginning.

  • brnaclimes

    Funny thing. Where are nordic special characters from the keyboard? Finns will newer build a keyboard that is not capable to do all characters used in Europe. Totally useless in Europe in that form. So, this proto is definitely not reflecting the final product.
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  • alex

    i can’t see a good future for nokia
    they can compete on smartphone market

  • Tomco

    This subject with the not statement will bring for still a time enough behind nokia. if it wants it enters again in the game it should it announces in the nokia world n9 otherwise with difficulty it will find her street.