Samsung Orion dual-core CPU announced. LG goes dual-core, too, with Nvidia Tegra 2 processors

Today, Samsung has announced its first dual-core application processor, the Samsung Orion. Clocked at 1GHz, the dual-core CPU is ARM CORTEX A9-based and was designed for smartphones, tablets and netbooks.

The new processor obviously supports data intensive multimedia applications, like high speed 3D action games, and full HD video playback/recording. It also includes an enhanced GPU (for “delivering 5 times the 3D graphics performance over the previous processor generation from Samsung”), GPS receiver baseband processor, and on-chip HDMI 1.3a interface.

The Samsung Orion dual-core application processor will be available to select customers starting Q4 2010. Mass production will start in the first half of next year (when we’ll probably have Samsung smartphones based on the Orion).

LG – the other South Korean giant – has also announced dual-core-related plans.

While it won’t have a dual-core processor of its own, LG will launch dual-core smartphones in the fourth quarter of this year. Part of the Optimus series, the smartphones will be based on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core mobile processor.

Since the Optimus series should include Android and Windows Phone 7 devices, I think we’ll see Nvidia 2-based LG smartphones with both OSes.

Performance-wise, I assume the Samsung Orion and the Tegra 2 processors won’t be too different – so in the end it will be just a choice of names.

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Author: Florin

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