WebOS 2.0 screenshots leak

We already know that WebOS 2.0 is coming this year. None other than former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein reportedly said so himself. So as we prepare to enter the last quarter of this year, it’s normal for us to expect that HP are hard at work preparing WebOS 2.0 for release. Also, we’ve come to expect that whenever something new is in development in the smartphone world, there will be leaks.

It’s no different in this case. Screenshots possibly taken from a beta SDK for WebOS 2.0 have emerged, and they show HP’s newest mobile OS in all its glory.

Highlights of new features include Dropbox and MobileMe support and selection of default apps for data types as well as specific file types.

And if you can live with that shade of gray, this is shaping up to be an update to look forward to. An incremental update, but a good one nevertheless.

Also worth looking forward to is that HP WebOS tablet that will apparently hit the streets at the beginning of next year. It will presumably sport this version of the OS (well, the final bits), and may just pose a threat to Apple’s iPad and the upcoming onslaught of Android-based tablets.

Hopefully HP will also consider releasing at least a high-end smartphone running WebOS 2.0. More competition is always better, so to speak. It pushes competitors to innovate at a faster pace, and the original WebOS did just that. Here’s hoping its successor will be able to do the same.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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