Antennagate reportedly cost Apple about 13% of iPhone 4 sales. Verizon iPhone wanted by many users

iPhone 4’s well-known antenna issues may have negatively impacted sales more than Apple would have wished.

Piper Jaffray has recently published a survey that deals with this matter.

Of the 258 cell phone users interviewed (in Minneapolis, US), 177 were aware of the iPhone 4’s antenna problems. 35 (or about 20%) of those aware of the problems declared that they have impacted their purchase decision.

35 users = about 13.5% of the total number of respondents (i.e. the 258 users who are/were possible iPhone buyers). So we could say that, without the antenna issues, Apple would have sold 13.5% more iPhone 4s in the US until now.

Had an iPhone for Verizon Wireless existed, the Cupertino company would have sold many, many more smartphones.

As Fortune reports, Piper Jaffray’s survey implies that the lack of a CDMA iPhone made for Verizon Wireless “is holding sales back by about three times more than the antenna issue”.

Here’s a table with the survey’s numbers:

There have been tons of rumors about an iPhone for Verizon, and the latest has it that the largest US carrier will finally launch an Apple smartphone in January 2011 – in about four months from now. Both Apple and Verizon would benefit from this, so I really think it will happen. Maybe not in January, but sometime next year – which should be the iPhone 5 year.

Author: Florin

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  • Marcus Christopher McFann

    I don’t see a marked uptick in iPhone sales if they introduced a CDMA model. Most iPhone users were willing to switch carriers in the US, and I don’t think the amount of those that’d like to aren’t so big as they’d believe. Now a QWERTY model would fly off the shelves.