Nokia N8 price and shipping date confirmed for the UK (coming in late September)

Nokia has finally confirmed that it’s going to launch the N8 in the UK at the end of September – more exactly, in the last week of the month.

The company has also announced the price of the Nokia N8 for the UK.

Unlocked, the new Symbian^3 smartphone costs £429 (about €520 or $660) – more than in the US, where it’s only $549. If you get with a £35 monthly plan and a 2-yr contract agreement from O2, Vodafone or T-Mobile, the N8 is free.

Orange, Virgin Mobile, Three UK, Carphone House, Phones4u and Tesco Phone Shops will also offer the handset (starting October 1).

Until then, you can pre-order the N8 directly from Nokia UK’s online shop. Shipping is free, there’s an HDMI cable in the box, and you can choose to get the smartphone in any of these colors: dark grey, blue, silver white, green and orange.

Author: Florin

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