Samsung Galaxy S to launch with 3 operators in China

Samsung’s Galaxy S range of high-end Android smartphones just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps Samsung are trying to deliver on that ancient rumor that the Galaxy S will be available in 110 countries worldwide.

The strategy of having a Galaxy S available for any carrier that wants one is certainly paying off. In the US, for example, each one of the Big Four carriers has its very own Galaxy S version.

And now Samsung have announced that they’ll more or less be replicating what they did in the US in China. There are three big carriers here, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, and each will get their own version of the Galaxy S, custom made for their 3G frequencies.

So China Mobile will get the TD-SCDMA packing GT-I9008, China Unicom will get the WCDMA I9088, and China Telecom will get the CDMA-based SCH-I909.

All three devices will be available in China by the end of this year, with China Telecom’s version being first to market later this month.

All of this information was announced today during a special launch event that took place in Beijing. There it was also announced that the number of Galaxy S smartphones sold worldwide already exceeds 3 million. Which is not bad at all for a device at that price. It’s also interesting that of those 3 million, 1 million were sold in the US and 1 million in Korea. Of course, Samsung’s plan was to sell 10 million of these phones, and it definitely looks like it’s on track so far.

Via Press Release

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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