Apple relaxes app development guidelines

In a surprise move, Apple have decided to relax iOS app development guidelines. A while ago, they forced every would-be iOS app developer to use only Apple’s own development tools, basically excluding many cross-platform development kits from ever being used to develop apps for the iDevices.

At that time, there was some outrage from developers, and especially from companies providing said cross-platform development tools. Adobe (who have also seen Flash banned from iOS before) were among these companies.

And now Apple have done what they very, very rarely do. They changed their minds, they say, after having listened to their developers and taking much of their feedback to heart.

So, with the revised terms in the iOS Developer Program license comes the possibility to use any tool to develop your iOS app, as long as that app does not download any code. This, in Apple’s view, should give developers the flexibility to choose which tools to work with, while preserving the security that Apple apparently need.

Also, for the first time, Apple have decided to publish the App Store Review Guidelines to help developers better understand what goes on behind the scenes of the approval process for iOS apps. Or so they say, since the Guidelines are a bit vague in some essential parts.

The Apple App Store now has over 250,000 apps and has seen 6.5 billion app downloads since its introduction. These are obviously great numbers, regardless of how many thousands of those apps are fart apps.

Via Apple

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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