First pictures of the Samsung GT-i8700 WP7 phone leak

Windows Phone 7 is coming. Microsoft has released the code to device manufacturers, and the latest rumor has it that the official launch event will take place on October 11th in New York, with the first devices becoming available later in October.

One of those devices will surely be the i917 Cetus from Samsung. This was up until now the only upcoming Samsung WP7 device that we knew of.

That has changed today. Meet the Samsung GT-i8700.

The naming scheme indicates an international device, and not one tailor-made for one of the US carriers. Also, if I were to launch into a bit of speculation, spec-wise, this phone will probably stand in between the S8500 Wave and the i9000 Galaxy S. Or not. I was basing that all on the model number, but reality might turn out to be completely different.

These two shots are all we have right now. And the only obvious things are that it will have 8 GB of internal memory and a LED flash for the camera. It looks nice enough.

As we get closer to October, such leaks are bound to intensify, so stay tuned for more details on this device and others.

Via Gizmodo

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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