Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 to be launched on October 11 in New York?

Recently released to device manufactures, Windows Phone 7 might be officially launched on October 11, during an even held in New York.

Pocket-lint has it that trustable and “multiple sources” have confirmed this, as well as the fact that WP7 devices would be on sale later in October.

We’ve previously heard that Windows Phone 7 would be available in October in Europe (and in November in the US), so it’s quite possible that this newly rumored release date is the real one.

As a reminder, HTC, Samsung and LG should all have Windows Phone 7 devices at launch – thus in October, if Microsoft does indeed launches the new OS on the 11th of the month.

I’m really curious to see how many WP7 devices will be sold before the end of 2010. Will there be millions of them? Probably. We’ll see soon just how many millions.

Author: Florin

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