Nokia intros Mobile TV (DVB-H) headset for Symbian^3 smartphones

Nokia has just announced the Mobile TV Headset (its first of this kind, as far as I know), which receives DVB-H signal in order to “turn your mobile device into a portable television” without needing an Internet connection.

Of course, DBV-H is not available everywhere, but there is coverage in countries like the Netherlands, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Finland (Helsinki) and India (New Delhi).

The Mobile TV Headset (which features dedicated keys for changing channels, as well as music controls) is compatible only with Symbian^3 smartphones. Yes, there are no Symbian^3 smartphones available yet, but by the time the headset hits the market, there will be (the N8 is coming at the end of this month).

Nokia says that the Mobile TV Headset will be available in the fourth quarter of the year. Its price before taxes should be around €40 ($51).

Via Nokia

Author: Florin

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