Verizon Samsung Fascinate unboxing

When Samsung puts out four iterations of virtually the same exact phone over the course of two months, it’s rather mundane to rehash all the same stuff. We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S line all keeps the same specs and very similar designs, so what can I do to make things a little different? I decided to mix it up a little bit by sharing a short video of me opening up the Samsung Fascinate box for the first time and seeing my first impressions of it.

The Fascinate actually has the most unique package of the four offerings (Samsung Captivate, Vibrant, Epic 4G and Fascinate) simply because it’s the largest box. All of the others came in exactly the same size and same shape, but all had different designs on the outside to represent each carrier’s branding the best. Like many other Verizon phones, it comes in a pearl white box and stays rather minimal; and when I say minimal I mean it in multiple aspects. The outside design of the box is minimal in that it doesn’t have a lot of wording or pictures, and the inside is also more minimal than I’d like to see, since it only has a user manual with wall charger and USB cable. That’s all there is. Where’s the headset or additional adapters? It makes no sense to me why it needed to be packaged in a box larger than the rest.

Here, in all its glory, is my video of the Samsung Fascinate Unboxing. Also please do check out the gallery of unboxing photos below that. Be expecting my review sometime next week when I take the Fascinate through the ol’ ringer. Sidenote: I shot the video using a Samsung Captivate. How’s that for keeping it in the family, eh?


Author: Brad Molen

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  • West Cobb Photographer

    There have been several reviews of this phone so far online, but I really wish someone would actually comment on the actual call quality and strength of reception for this. Everyone’s focusing on the O.S. and fluff features, but it is a PHONE after all.

  • Hana Lewis

    lmao what an iphone copycat, probably has much better features though ;D