Dual SIM Motorola EX115 and EX128 to hit Europe in October

European retailer Germanos will launch two new dual SIM Motorola phones in October: Motorola EX115 and Motorola EX128.

Both handsets are unannounced, and they’re the first dual SIM Motorola devices to be available in Europe.

Germanos Romania says that the EX128 and EX115 will be launched on October 18.

Customers can already pre-order the two phones online, here and here.

The Motorola EX128 is a touchscreen handset that will cost about €120 ($150). The Motorola EX115 has a regular display and a full QWERTY keyboard, and should cost only about €95 ($120).

According to CelularCafe, the Moto EX115 is also called EX112, and it might be available in Brazil, too, featuring GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1, 3.5mm headset jack, and a 3MP camera.

With Nokia, Pantech, and now Motorola entering the dual SIM phone market, Samsung will have some serious competition – although, for a while at least, it will still be the most important dual SIM handset maker (it has launched more than 10 models until now).

Author: Florin

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