Full Version of Angry Birds for Android Out in 2-3 Weeks

Perhaps you have heard of a small game called Angry Birds. It’s only the craze that’s sweeping the iOS and Android world like none other before. While the full version of the game has been available through iOS for several months now, the free beta version for Android was only released a mere two weeks ago and only included the first level of the game. It’s been enough to whet any fan’s whistle for a little while, but those who have defeated the level and received 3 stars on every stage are getting ancy in eager anticipation of the full version. When is it coming out?

Thankfully, Angry Birds developer Rovio sat down for a one-on-one chat with TalkAndroid about this topic among others. According to the interview:

TA.com : What can you tell us about the future of Angry Birds on Android?

Rovio : We are currently working hard to ensure that Angry Birds on Android will offer best game experience for as many people as possible. The expected release date is within 2-3 weeks.

So the official word coming from the company itself is that we don’t have to wait much longer before the full version comes out. 2-3 weeks and we’ll be able to slay more and more pigs than we currently can.

Read on for other tidbits about the game:

TA.com : We have noticed that the Beta only got released to a certain number of devices. For example, we did not see it on the HTC Wildfire or Hero, but we did see it on the HTC Desire. I assume that this was simply because of the screen resolutions. Do Rovio plan to support a wider range of Android devices in future?

Rovio : At the moment, the game does not support QVGA displays, which is what the Wildfire has. We’re looking into trying to add support for QVGA devices. The game runs on the Hero, but there is a significant lag. We will try to solve any issues for as many devices as possible, before releasing the full version.

TA.com : Is there any more information you would like to tell as at the moment?

Rovio : There will be more details very soon, as we prepare to announce the full game on Android.

It sounds as though one of the reasons it’s taking extra time for the game to reach the final version is the incompatibility issue stretched across multiple devices that don’t seem to take to the game as well as they should.

As for pricing, it sounds like we won’t know until the launch is officially announced. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, if it were competitive with its iOS brother in being offered at 99 cents.

via TalkAndroid

Author: Brad Molen

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