RadioShack will sell the T-Mobile G2 for only $149.99

The HTC-made T-Mobile G2 is the successor to the legendary G1, which was the first Android smartphone. It was officially announced a few days ago, and pre-orders direct from TMo will start later this month.

And while the official price that T-Mobile will ask for this superphone was leaked, but not officially confirmed, Best Buy stepped in and has already started taking pre-orders, with the price being set at $199.99. This is also the expected price that TMo will ask whenever they decide to finally start pre-orders.

And it makes sense, since that’s the now-standard pricing in the US for a high-end smartphone in 2010.

Today, RadioShack have announced that they will be selling the G2 too, and for $50 less than Best Buy and (presumably) T-Mobile. Yes, The Shack will have the G2 at $149.99 with an instant rebate. When exactly is unknown at this point.

In fact, there are no other details. Still, this is definitely something to take into account if you want to buy a G2 when it will become available. Perhaps you should wait and see when it will come to the Shack before running and pre-ordering it somewhere else for $50 more.

All of the prices discussed here are, obviously, with a new 2-year service agreement, so keep that in mind too.

Via RadioShack

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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