Nokia N8 is “the best entertainment phone”, says Anssi Vanjoki

Before announcing its three new Symbian^3 smartphones (Nokia C6-01, C7 and E7) and the new Ovi Maps at Nokia World 2010 – in front of 3000 people – Niklas Savander and Anssi Vanjoki talked a lot about the Nokia N8 and Symbian in general.

First of all, Niklas Savander reminded us that Nokia is the world’s no.1 smartphone vendor, because people still buy “far more Nokia smartphones than Apple and Android.”

Nokia currently sells “260,000 new smartphones” every day – almost all being Symbian-based (this allowing Symbian to control just over 50% of the smartphone market).

Mr. Savander also noted that Nokia is “arguably the most global company, in any industry”.

Furthermore, he indirectly suggested that Apple’s strategy in the mobile industry is slightly flawed by saying: “even in the high end, offering just one model will inevitability lead to compromises” – that’s why Nokia is offering various high-end devices, including the N8 and the just-announced Nokia E7.

Nokia aims “to ship more than 50 million new Symbian smartphones” – although the company doesn’t say what’s the time frame for that.

As you probably already know, the Nokia N8 is the company’s first Symbian^3 smartphone. It can be already pre-ordered in lots of markets (including the US, the UK, Germany, Italy and so on), and it will be finally available starting the end of September – retailing at more than €400.

Talking about the N8, Anssi Vanjoki said that it’s “the best entertainment phone”, combining “lightning fast processor and graphics accelerator” with lots of capabilities (HDMI-out included) and “the best camera ever built in a mobile phone” – you know, the 12MP Carl Zeiss autofocus camera with the “largest sensor ever used in any phone-like device”.

(Nokia N8 presented by Jose Luis Martinez, Vice President, Mobile Computing)

Reportedly, more than 100 mobile carriers around the world have signed up to offer the Nokia N8. I’m really looking forward to finding out how many N8s Nokia will sell before the end of 2010, and how Symbian^3 is adopted by consumers.

Before I put and end to this article, I have just another tiny detail to add: Stephen Elop, Nokia’s new CEO, isn’t attending Nokia World 2010. He’s probably not done with packing for moving from the US to Europe, eh?

Author: Florin

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