Low-end Android-running Alcatel OT-980 announced, available in the UK in October for £99

More and more low-end Android phones are being released each day. If just a few months ago you were hard pressed to find any Android device retail for under £250, now you just can’t say you’re out of options. And sure, they may all be similar in specs, but that’s to be expected if very low prices are to be reached.

Today’s entry into this space is Alcatel’s OT-980, a phone that has been rumored and pictured for about 7 months now. And after this amazingly long time, Alcatel decided to finally officially announce it.

The key feature to differentiate the OT-980 from its competition is undoubtedly the vertical slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a design reminiscent of the Palm Pre. The OT-980’s screen is 2.8″, pretty much standard for this price level. There’s also WiFi, HSPA, a 2 MP camera, a compass.

Running the show is sadly Android 2.1. I wish Google would simply not let companies launch new Android smartphones with versions of the operating system that are not the newest. But hey, at least it isn’t Android 1.6.

Perhaps the most interesting bit about this phone is its price. It will be available in October in the UK at Carphone Warehouse for £99.95 on pay as you go.

Which makes it excellent value for the money, especially for someone addicted to texting/emailing/social networking on the go who’d also like a taste of a smartphone OS.

Via TechRadar

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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