Motorola Devour is now free on Verizon

The Motorola Devour is no high end device, that’s for sure. But it is the only Motoblur enhanced Android smartphone on offer from Verizon right now, believe it or not. So if you like Motoblur (I guess there must be people around who do), and hate that it may be dying, this one’s for you. But act fast, since the Devour is also fast approaching End of Life status with Verizon.

And you can now get it for free. This obviously still requires a 2-year service agreement, and one that has to include a $29.99 per month data plan, no less. But, if you’d like a decent midrange Android smartphone on Big Red for yourself or another family member, this may be worth looking into. Since, you know, free is free after all.

Spec highlights include a 3.1-inch touchscreen, a 3 megapixel camera, and that Motoblur-y social network integration.

Via Android Community

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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