Nokia C7 pre-orders start in Germany and Spain

The Nokia C7 has been unveiled yesterday during Nokia World, and it looks like pre-orders for this stylish midrange Symbian^3 device have already started in some markets.

Germany was the first country to have the C7 up for pre-order, followed shortly thereafter by Spain. In both cases, the price being asked is €429. This, as is usually the case with pre-orders, is rather far from the officially announced price of €335, though that did not include taxes. VAT may account for some of the difference, but certainly not all of it.

So the price may go down once the phone is actually released. And speaking of that, the Spanish Nokia Shop has the C7 shipping by the end of October. Let’s hope that’s right, since during the announcement of the C7, Nokia were as vague as they always are about this, only stating “Q4″ – which, as you may know, consists of three very long months if you’re the type that craves the latest gadgets.

Via GSMArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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