Cheap Dual-SIM Samsung Guru E2152 launches in India

Samsung has a range of (very) low-end featurephones in India called Guru. These are mostly aimed at those who purchase their first ever mobile phone, and as such are simple devices with calling and texting as the main use-cases.

Joining the range is the E2152 Guru, which should have been available in August, according to previous information. It was finally officially unveiled today.

And sure enough, calling and texting are still the most important features here, with the added twist that this phone supports two SIM cards. Dual-SIM devices are very sought after in certain emerging markets, and the explanation is simple. Calling numbers in the same network is usually (much) cheaper than calling in other mobile networks. Hence, people got used to carrying multiple phones, to make calling as cheap as possible. Dual-SIM devices alleviate this issue for people who only ever use two networks for calling from.

And that’s what the Samsung Guru E2152 brings to the very low-end. Its other notable features are a 2-inch 128×160 screen, VGA camera, FM radio, MP3 player, microSD card slot, Bluetooth and a 1000 mAh battery. That isn’t the largest capacity battery you’ve ever heard of, but that display will clearly not need the amount of power a 4″ touchscreen does, so the phone is rated for up to 11 hours of talk time.

The E2152 also has a dedicated music key, support for 9 regional languages and a “fake call” feature built-in.

The asking price for this device is Rs. 3,550, or roughly $77 or €59, unlocked. A pretty good price for the package if you ask me.

Via Samsung Hub

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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