AT&T roadmap leak: Motorola Flipout on Sunday, Samsung WP7 devices on October 17th?

It’s leak time again. This time, a roadmap for AT&T’s launches for the next month or so has apparently surfaced. These all have rumor status as of now, so have the standard-sized pinch of salt near while you read through.

First, there’s the Motorola Flipout, supposedly launching no later than this Sunday. This square-ish device has a unique form factor and spec-wise it’s a midrange Android smartphone, running Motoblur. It will be joined on Sunday by the LG Neon II, the successor to the (you guessed it!) LG Neon.

October 3rd will be RIM day on AT&T, with releases of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G and the Curve 3G. Also that day, the Pantech Laser will launch. This is probably a featurephone.

Things get really interesting on October 17th. On that date, the Motorola Bravo and Flipside are going to be launched. There have been no previous leaks regarding these devices, but judging from Moto’s recent track record, we can safely assume these are Android-running smartphones.

Alongside Moto’s offerings, the Samsung Patek and Universe will also come on October 17th. At least one of these devices may be running Windows Phone 7, given that their launches are so close to the supposed date when Microsoft’s latest mobile OS will be officially introduced.

This last bit is especially speculative, considering that there were no leaks of these devices yet. The Samsung i917 Cetus is clearly headed to AT&T at some point, and it will run WP7. Now “Cetus” may just have been a code name and it’s entirely possible that its release name will be different, perhaps even Patek or Universe. Or not.

These may just be featurephones, after all. One way or the other, AT&T has got a busy month or so ahead. And that’s exciting if you’re in the market for a new phone on America’s largest GSM carrier, since very soon you’ll have even more handsets to choose from.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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