HTC’s Windows Phone 7 customization caught on video (new WP7 device, too)?

It’s no secret that HTC is among the handset makers that will launch Windows Phone 7 devices this year.

While Microsoft is quite restrictive when it comes to customizing the WP7 experience, it looks like HTC may have been allowed to bring its Sense UI to the new OS.

Mobility Digest has a video showing what seems to be HTC’s Sense integrated into WP7:

Engadget also has a video showing similar customization on an actual HTC Windows Phone 7 device (this might be the HTC Mozart):

There’s no doubt that everything looks really nice, but too much animation might be a bit counterproductive. There’s a comment on YouTube that illustrates exactly what I (and probably many others) think: “so much extraneous animations, just give me the damn weather!”

Sure enough, what we see here may actually never make it to WP7 smartphones, so let’s wait until they’re launched and only then judge the results of HTC’s alleged customization.

Author: Florin

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