Rogers will sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Canada

The Samsung Galaxy Tab sure is a globetrotter. It was first announced internationally in Berlin on September 2nd, then yesterday it was officially unveiled in the USA and it’s going to be available on all four Tier 1 US carriers. A feat that only Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone has accomplished in recent history.

But rest assured, the Android-powered tablet is also headed to Canada. Rogers and Samsung Canada have made it clear that it will be sold by Rogers “later this year”.

Now sure, that isn’t very specific. Also, no prices were mentioned yet. But then again, the US carriers haven’t yet made that information public either. Pricing will probably be heavily dependent on how much Rogers will choose to subsidize the tablet. Strategies for this are probably being drafted right now.

So there’s some good news for you Canadian folk who are craving the Tab. There’s also bad news, in that you might have to wait until December 31st to get your hands on one.

Whatever happens, we’ll be here to cover it.

Via Rogers

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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