Windows Phone 7 for Verizon and Sprint? Not this year

Although lots of carriers around the world are all set to launch Windows Phone 7 smartphones before the end of 2010, two of North America’s top carriers, Verizon and Sprint, will not be able to offer WP7 devices this year.

It’s not their fault, though, but Microsoft’s – which, according to Cnet, has chosen to delay Windows Phone 7 for CDMA devices until “the first half of 2011.” That’s because Microsoft “doesn’t have unlimited resources” and it “had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well.”

Bloomberg reports that Verizon has confirmed it would only have WP7 handsets starting 2011.

So AT&T and T-Mobile seem to be the only ones that will introduce phones based on Microsoft’s new OS in the US this year.

The lack of support for CDMA can’t affect European carriers, which mainly use GSM/UMTS frequencies and will have no problems launching Windows Phone 7 devices before the end of 2010.

Author: Florin

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