Verizon to discontinue the original Motorola Droid 2 when its World Edition launches?

Currently sold by Verizon for $200 on contract, the Motorola Droid 2 may soon be no longer available, thanks to the arrival of the Droid 2 World Edition – which, of course, is the same handset, but with GSM/HSDPA connectivity added for global roaming.

We don’t know when exactly the Droid 2 World Edition will be launched, but it could happen anytime now.

Boy Genius Report has it that, after the World Edition is released, Verizon will “slowly discontinue” the CDMA/EvDo-only version of the smartphone (introduced last month).

Verizon may want to phase out the original Droid 2 because it probably plans to offer the Droid 2 World Edition for the same price ($200 with a 2-yr agreement), and it doesn’t make too much sense for both handsets to be available at the same time.

Author: Florin

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