Apple iPhone 4 will be available in China on September 25th

Apple have announced that their latest smartphone, the iPhone 4, will be available for purchase in stores in China starting on September 25th.

You will be able to buy one direct from Apple, in one of their retail locations, or from China Unicom, China’s second biggest carrier, and Apple’s exclusive partner in China.

If you buy the iPhone 4 from Apple, you will naturally get it unlocked and without a subsidy. They are asking for CNY 4,999 (approximately $744) for the 16GB model and CNY 5,999 ($893) for the 32GB model. Buying from an Apple store also gives you the convenience of receiving a free personal setup service, where store employees will show you how to make the most out of your new purchase.

Apple stores will open at 8 am on Saturday. On that day, Apple will also be opening two new locations in China, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing.

China Unicom has begun reservations for the iPhone 4 on September 17th, and on Saturday Apple’s new smartphone will theoretically be available in all their retail locations. Pricing, if you buy from China Unicom, is dependent on what contract you choose. Look here for all the details. You’ll also have to sign a 2-year agreement with them.

The WiFi-only version of the iPad has just been made available in China a few days ago, and now it’s the newest iPhone’s turn. China Unicom is also expected to sell the 3G iPad soon.

Let’s hope that in the coming years, China, one of the biggest potential markets for consumer electronics won’t still have to wait months for the newest gadgets (which, ironically, are being manufactured there) to officially reach it.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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