Research In Motion files for “SurfBook” trademark – for its tablet, maybe?

Until now, almost everyone thought that RIM’s first tablet would be called BlackPad. This name would make a hell lot of sense assuming the tablet runs BlackBerry OS.

But what if it runs a different OS (designed by QNX), like we’ve recently heard? Well, then the name could be one that has nothing to do with RIM’s smartphones.

Enter “SurfBook” – a name for which RIM has filed a trademark application with the Intellectual Property Office in Canada (CIPO). Now, this would go much better with a tablet that’s not a BlackBerry-based one, right?

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the use RIM has in mind for the moniker “SurfBook”, so it may actually not be for a tablet.

Or maybe RIM readies the launch of two tablets, one – the BlackPad – running BB OS, and another one – the SurfBook – running another OS? We’ll see.

Via Tablets Unleashed

Author: Florin

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