Actual live pictures of the HTC HD3/HD7 Windows Phone 7 device leak

Tired of looking at sketches trying to figure out how the HTC HD7 might look like? Tired of the name “HD7” and wish it were HD3 as initially expected?

Well, good news for you then, on both accounts. HTC are clearly working on quite a few smartphones to be powered by Windows Phone 7. One of these will either be named HD3 or HD7 and be, you guessed it, the successor to the WinMo-running HD2. At first, it was thought that this handset will be called HD3, because, you know, three comes after two. However, more recent rumors and leaks suggested its name might be changed to HD7 to perhaps highlight the OS it’s packing.

Earlier we saw a product sketch claiming to depict the HD7. And now we’ve got actual pictures. Real, live pictures. The only small issue is, as you can see, that the device is clearly labeled “HD3”. So what gives? The sketches and these pictures clearly show the same device.

Two things could have happened. HTC could have first went for HD3, but later changed their minds and opted for HD7. And these pics might be of an earlier prototype that didn’t get the name changed. Or maybe the “HTC HD 7” we keep seeing in leaks simply refers to an HTC HD smartphone that runs Windows Phone 7. That “7” in there might be a representation of the OS, and not part of the device name.

Those are the only two explanations which at this point seem reasonable enough for this rather unprecedented series of leaks portraying the same device with two different names.

HTC might be prepping an event dedicated to launching WP7 devices only (as the one in London last week was for Android smartphones). And, if I were a betting man, I’d say it will happen sometime in October. We’ll see.

Via Mobile01 Via MobileTechWorld

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Buhlasd

    No, I’m not tired of seeing HD7 Sketches. I am SICK and tired however, of seeing and hearing about the lame ass desire hd and the WORST LOOKING DATED OS of all time, ANDROID

  • Polonivek

    Then don’t read it….I’m excited about this new phone system. It’s finally a phone that I won’t be embarrassed to use. IPhones are for teenage girls as they drive around in there convertible vw bug with a flower in the vase and android is like a child’s toy…..or something that’s wrong with my ass.

  • door knobs

    I like this phone, its appearance is very amazing and now i want to know about what advanced feature this phone will have?