More Windows Phone 7 leaks: HTC Trophy in the wild, HTC HD7 schematic

Remember the “HTC 7 Trophy” that was approved by the GCF earlier this month? The device has just been spotted in the wild – and it is, indeed, a Windows Phone 7 handset.

The Trophy has a simple but nice design, a large WVGA touchscreen display, and 8GB of internal memory.

Other than that, we don’t know too much about it, so let’s hope HTC announces it soon.

Photos via PocketNow:

Another Windows Phone 7 handset that is, once again, in the news is the HTC HD7. WMPowerUser has a schematic of the HD7, so this is what the device will probably look like:

Previous rumors had it that the HTC HD7 would be launched by O2 in Germany in mid-October. It should also be available in the US, via T-Mobile, starting November.

I assume HTC will soon host a press event to unveil all its WP7 devices scheduled to be launched this year – just like it did for the Android-based Desire HD and Desire Z.

Author: Florin

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