Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Froyo update delayed until October in some countries?

Although Galaxy S owners in some countries should be able to update their smartphone to Froyo this month, it looks like Samsung isn’t ready to provide the update to all users.

For example, Samsung India and Samsung Spain say, via Twitter and Facebook, that they’ll be releasing Froyo updates to the Galaxy S in late October – or “by late October”, which is likely the same thing.

Update: Kamil Bakowski from says Poland is also included in the list of countries where Froyo is coming in October.

Meanwhile, Samsung UK still claims it’ll offer Android 2.2 for the Galaxy S this month.

I’m not sure why Samsung doesn’t provide an update to everyone at the same time, but this probably has a lot to do with local carriers and their willingness to make users happy.

Anyway, regardless of where you bought your Galaxy S from, Android 2.2 Froyo should be on it before the end of this year – even in the US, where the four major mobile carriers have different versions of the smartphone (Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Epic 4G and Samsung Fascinate).

Via Samsung Hub

Author: Florin

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  • Kamil Bakowski

    I’ve give you the same info few days ago- Samsung Electronics Poland will release an update for Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo sometime next month (October).

  • Kamil Bakowski

    Florin, Thank you for adding my info :)

  • Shashank

    I dont understand this.. whe they say that 2.2 update will be avilable for (say) U.K. and it i’ll be available for some other countrty like say India the next month..
    cant i simply download the update available in u.k. and install it in my phone instead of waiting for a more month without any reason. so.. is there any difference between udates of

    different countries?
    now.. dont say that users siiting in u.k. can only download the updates through kies.. we’ll just use a fkin proxy..
    what you guys say?

  • Androidfans

    carriers are the culprit – that cause all this various delay.
    In australia – mine is optus, they put their own apps which we could not delete.
    Put stock Android 2.2 in your galaxy s it’s not a big problem, but when the carrier also want to put something of their own – then the phone company (Samsung) must make adjustment on the software, this could take time – depends on how sophisticated the apps will be.

  • Navanid

    In india, there is no carrier dependancy or customization required.. its open for all carriers. Not getting why Samsung delays the release in inida.. we really don’t expect even more customized android 2.2…in one single shot..

    Release first android 2.2 and updates later.. but try to stick to the timings… don’t delay it till next version of android is out…

  • Sunrulz

    Can’t those of us in India just download the update once its available to the UK or other countries and apply it on our phones. Since theres no carrier customization here it should be the same thing right?

  • sauz

    tts a fair enuf explanation..
    im on optus as well.. got any idea when it wud be available here?