New BlackBerry Storm 9570 with OS 6 shows up in photos?

RIM may have not one, but two new BlackBerry Storms ready to be launched. One of them is the alleged Storm 3 seen a few days ago, while the other one is the BlackBerry Storm 9570.

Looking similar to the Storm 2, the Storm 9570 should have more RAM (512MB), a better camera (5MP), and BlackBerry OS 6. Reportedly, the new smartphone’s battery is the same old DX-1 found in the Storm 2.

According to BBLeaks, this is the Storm 9570 (although this could also be just a photoshopped Storm 2):

By the looks of it, the Storm 9570 is just a Storm 2 with refreshed internals and new OS. According to BGR (see the update at the end of the article), the 9570 and the Storm 3 are different devices – so, as mentioned above, RIM will likely introduce two new Storms sometime soon. I don’t really see the necessity of a 9570, if the Storm 3 is also coming, but let’s assume RIM knows better.

Author: Florin

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  • natnat28

    I think RIM has something up their sleeve. I think the reason why they keep coming out with refreashes is to please that faithful user of that particular phone. Storm users love their storm and want something better. Bold users love their bold but want someting better. However I do think it would be nice to see RIM step up their game in the original blackberry model. They were the founders of the great smart phone, they need to keep it that way by making the orginal model a bit larger way better processor, better screen resoulution, along with the front facing camera it is a buisness phone and not to mention better battery.